BirthdayFlip – Information

Hop into the next year of your life with us and celebrate your birthday at FLIP LAB Zürich! After your FlipTime with your friends, you’ll find a birthday table for six or more people filled with food and beverages. The FlipSocks are, of course, included.

Celebrate with family and friends!


Thank you for your interest in our exciting BirthdayFlips.
The general BirthdayFlip schedule in brief:
Please arrive at FLIP LAB 30 minutes before the booked time.
When you arrive, first we’ll show you to your spot, where you can set your things down.
Beverages will be available on your table and topped up throughout.
BirthdayFlip participants who plan to jump will receive their jumping socks at the reception counter and then continue into the hall, where our trampolines await them.
After a short warm-up program and brief safety instructions, children are free to jump to their heart’s content.
After the regular FlipTime (60, 90, or 120 minutes), everyone will return to their area and we’ll serve the food. Then the cake is cut (if one has been brought) and the presents are opened.

Even after your active FlipTime, you’ll have access to the table for about another hour.
If you want to enjoy another round of hopping, you can book additional FlipTime at the park.


One dish per person is included in the price and, as a culinary highlight, we offer a fine selection of the following dishes:

– FLIP LAB Pizza Margherita (G)

– FLIP LAB Chicken Nuggets + Potato Wedges (A, C, G)

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Because we work with an external catering company, it will no longer be possible to order meals for additional people at the party itself. We hope you understand that we cannot accommodate special wishes such as burgers without cheese or tomato and/or gluten-free buns.

Birthday cake

We don’t have any cakes on our menu, but please feel free to bring your own birthday cake with you. After all, what’s a birthday party without a birthday cake?

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Please do not bring any pyrotechnic sparklers or sparkler candles,
which are prohibited throughout FLIP LAB Zürich for reasons of fire safety.
Conventional candles, on the other hand, do not pose a risk.

Obligatory accompanying person and photo vest

An adult must accompany children six years of age and younger and can supervise no more than two children at a time. The adult does not have to pay admission to visit the trampoline park and can still hop around with the child free of charge.

General observers and/or other accompanying people/caregivers do not pay admission either and can be provided with a photo vest at the reception counter for shooting photos and videos in the trampoline hall. This requires an ID.

Highperformance Area

Everyone seven years of age or older is required to sign a declaration of liability for our high-performance area. Persons under the age of seven are not allowed to enter or use this area for reasons of safety.
Declaration of liability

Legal guardians will have to sign the declaration of liability on behalf of minors.


You can cancel your BirthdayFlip up until 72 hours before the planned start at the latest via e-mail without providing reasons for cancellation.

Bringing food and beverages

As a recreational sports facility, we ask that you refrain from bringing food and beverages,
as these are not permitted at our location.


Our FlipTime must be used up in one block and cannot be split up or interrupted.
However, FlipTime can be extended for any amount of time at the park for the price at the door.


If someone unexpectedly cancels on the day of the BirthdayFlip, we’ll be happy to provide you with a voucher for the unused FlipTime, which you can, of course, give to someone else as a gift.

Print birthday invitation

Print the prepared birthday invitation and hand it over to all your friends!
Print now!

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