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Jumping and laughing together encourages not only fitness, but also team spirit and motivation. The perfect team excursion!

For important conversations, we also offer our meeting rooms.


Please arrive at FLIP LAB 30 minutes before the booked time.

Obligatory accompanying person and photo vest

General spectators and / or other accompanying persons also pay no entry and can be provided by presenting a passport at the reception, with a so-called photo vest and can take photos and videos in the trampoline hall.

Highperformance Area

Everyone seven years of age or older is required to sign a declaration of liability for our high-performance area. Persons under the age of seven are not allowed to enter or use this area for reasons of safety.
Declaration of liability

Legal guardians will have to sign the declaration of liability on behalf of minors.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your BirthdayFlip up until 72 hours before the planned start at the latest via e-mail without providing reasons for cancellation.

Bringing food and beverages

As a recreational sports facility, we ask that you refrain from bringing food and beverages,
as these are not permitted at our location.


Our FlipTime must be used up in one block and cannot be split up or interrupted.
However, FlipTime can be extended for any amount of time at the park for the price at the door.


If someone unexpectedly cancels on the day of the BirthdayFlip, we’ll be happy to provide you with a voucher for the unused FlipTime, which you can, of course, give to someone else as a gift.


Wir freuen uns, dass Ihr auf einen Sprung bei uns vorbeischauen wollt! Ihr habt hier die Möglichkeit eine unverbindliche Anfrage zu stellen. Um möglichst viel Zeit zu sparen und Euch schnell auf die Trampoline zu katapultieren, wählt bitte einen Flip aus und tragt weiter unten Eure Kontaktdaten ein. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

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