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Jumping & Hall

What's the minimum age for jumping in your park?

Generally there is no specific age limit in the FLIP LAB. But children under the age of 7 years are only allowed to jump under the supervision of an adult companion. The adult companion does not have to pay.

Do I have to sign a statement of liability?

Only for a particular area. At the beginning you get a briefing and the most important rules are presented. For the high-performance sector, there is a special short training and a signed Declaration of liability is required here (under 18-year-olds from the parental authority).
Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to use our high-performance-area due to the high risk of injuring the spine.

Which clothes should I wear?

You can jump in normal casual clothing as well as in sports clothing. As you feel comfortable. Please check that no tapes, cords, etc. stand out and remove your belt, caps, piercings.

May I jump with glasses?

For safety reasons we recommend to take off your glasses.

May I take pictures/videos on the surface?

For a great and safe jumping experience, it is not allowed to carry hard objects while jumping with you. You can borrow one of our FLIP LAB photo vests at the spot, with this, it is possible for guests and also for jumpers to make as many photos and videos in the hall as possible at the bottom of the lobby as much as 10-15min

Is there a weight limit on the trampoline?

You can use the park and the trampolines with a weight up to 130kg.

Can people with disabilities jump in your park?

Of course people with disabilities can also jump at FLIP LAB. The accompanying person will receive a free entrance fee.

Am I allowed to jump with a cast?

You are not allowed to jump with a cast. If you are wearing a splint and if your injury happened more than 6 weeks ago, you are allowed jump.

Are there any rules that i have to pay attention to?

There are the general hall and security rules for each area that must be observed.

Is it allowed to jump with body piercings?

Piercings and earrings have to be remove. If this is not possible, they should be covered with a tape or plaster.

How can I borrow boungeboards, -skies of bungy longen?

You can book the bounce equipment directly at the pay desk for only 5,00 CHF.

Why are these FlipSocks necessary?

You get the FlipSocks for 3.50 CHF and they belong then to you. They are necessary for you to have the perfect grip on the trampolines. The FlipSocks are therefore required for more jump fun and more safety.

Are there lockers?

In the cloakrooms as well as in the hall there is the possibility to close private things, bagpacks or valuables in the locker. FLIP LAB assumes no liability for valuables.

Are there showers?

Yes – shower facilities are available in the cloakrooms.

Can i visit you to spectate?

Yes of course. We have free entrance and seats for spectators.

Booking & FlipTime

Can I cancel my booking at any time? Till when can i cancel?

You can cancel your booking no later than 3 days before your scheduled date without additional expenses. A full cancellation fee will then be charged.

What if I get sick shortly before? Will I get my money back?

With the presentation of a medical certificate you will get the complete money back.

Is there any food at FLIP LAB ?

There are small snacks such as muffins, cakes and sandwiches, as well as various drinks and coffees available.

Do I have to pay for my kids?

An accompanying parent has to be with the child at the park, if it is under 7 years old. This person has FREE admission to the FLIP LAB. Just the ticket for the children has to be paid.

Do you sell vouchers? If yes, what kind of vouchers are available and how long are they valid?

FLIP LAB vouchers are great gifts! You can buy 20.-, 50.-, 100.- or 200.- CHF Vouchers. Get your vouchers at FLIP LAB or directly here: View Vouchers.

What if I am late?

If there are still free capacities in the next FlipTime, we will gladly book you in the next unit and postpone the appointment.

Do I have to pay for the entry if I am only watching as audience?

Spectators can enjoy free access to the FLIP LAB – here our spectator terrace with complete overview, tables, snacks and drinks is available.

Can I reserve tickets?

Tickets can be booked in advance. You can book your Tickets right here.

Can I also pay for my tickets on the spot?

The jump tickets can also be purchased on site. In order to get a fixed place at the desired time, we recommend to book directly online.

How can I pay on site?

As a payment option we offer credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Cup, JBL), EC card or bar on site.

Can I split my FlipTime?

To avoid a “mess” in the hall, the leap times are to be consumed “at once”. If you would like to have a break in between, you can take 2x half an hour (and pause in between for half an hour) or just relax during your FlipTime or come to the terrace to get a drink.

Are there parking facitlities? Do I have to pay for parking?

In the parking garage of the Center Riedmatt is a possibility to park for a fee. The prices can be found here.

Birthdays, groups and events

Is it possible to celebrate birthday at FLIP LAB?

Yes of course! In the beginning the children can jump, optinally 60, 90 or 120 minutes and after that the birthday table will be set for the children. The food and drinks as well as the jumping socks are included in the BirthdayFlip price. The birthday kid will get 1x bungylonge as present.

What kind of food will be at the BirthdayFlip?

For your birthday party we offer a small selection of the following children’s dishes:
– FLIP LAB Pizza Margherita (G)
– FLIP LAB Chicken Nuggets + Potato Wedges (A, C, G)

Will intolerances of incrediences be considered?

If you inform us at an early stage about any intolerances of your guests, we look forward to offer you alternate meals.

May I bring my own birthday cake?

You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake to the FLIP LAB and we can cool it during your FlipTime. For safety reasons, spray plugs are not permitted.

Chips or similar snacks are also not allowed as they easily contaminate the carpet surfaces in the FLIP LAB.

Thanks you for your comprehension.

What if an invited child fails? Will be the money be refunded?

If you cancel the order at latest 3 days before the planned date, the complete amount will be refunded. After that the whole cancelation fee has to be payed.

Are there special courses at FLIP LAB?

Our course offer is under development. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: