1 WARM UP Area: Before each new FLIPTIME starts, the warm-up takes place with one of our instructors.
2 CARDIO Wall: Here you can train your reflexes and speed in a playful way. Alone or challenge a friend.
3 BUNGEE Zone: Safe jumping thanks to bungee and harness. Perfect for learning your first flips!
4 BEGINNER Zone: The perfect introduction to trampoline jumping. Simple and forgiving trampolines let you take off in a controlled manner. With the directly adjacent Bagjump air cushion, soft and safe landings are guaranteed after your first air jumps or flips. Adrenaline on top!
5 VALO Jump: Become the hero in your own computer game and set a new high score on the interactive trampoline.
6 AIRTRACK Zone: The Airtrack – the air-filled training device offers perfect training conditions for absolute beginners through to professional athletes. Whether gymnastics, parkour, freerunning, cheerleading, martial arts and much more!
7 TOWER Zone: Jump or flip from jumps of different heights in our Tower Zone safely into the Bagjump air cushion. Perfect for training various tricks from a standing start.
8 BALANCE Zone: Balance is the key! Therefore you can train your balance on our two slacklines (Beginner + Advanced) or playfully with the Battle Beam.
9 HIGH PERFORMANCE Zone: Dark blue upholstery The high performance zone goes high. There are no limits to performance on top-of-the-line devices such as Olympic trampolines and freestyle fivesquares from Eurotramp. Here you will also find different wallwalk options as well as a safe bag jump landing.
10 NINJA Zone: Move through the various obstacles like a ninja, set your own records or challenge your friends in a time competition.
11 BASKETBALL Zone: On the two basketball hoops of different heights in the basketball zone, you can train your dunking skills to perfection and feel like an NBA star thanks to the trampoline.
12 FLIP PARKOUR Zone: Our specially developed "Flip Parkour" is the first and only of its kind! A mixture of trampolines and soft 3D Parkour elements creates a "big bounce feeling". Let's see who can jump the best time!
13 DODGEBALL Zone: Play a different kind of dodgeball with your friends.
14 WALL WALK: Run up a wall vertically? You can do that on our WallWalk wall!


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Train station Rümlang:
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Airport Zurich:
Only 20 minutes by bus 

Bus station 510 + 797:
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510 Rümlang/Riedmatt +
797 Rümlang/Riedmattstrasse

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